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Lost/Stolen Debit Card? If your EMV Debit MasterCard® has been lost or stolen please call (833) 337-6075. By calling this number, you will be able to cancel the missing card and order a replacement.

Are you making any traveling plans? Let us know your plans in advance, as Debit Card use may be blocked in some locations, for your protection.

Protect your pin.

When using an ATM, cover the keypad while entering your PIN. Do not store your PIN number with your debit card or share your PIN with anyone. Debit card fraud often originates with someone the victim knows. And only use ATMs at banks you are familiar with.

Beware “skimmers” and hacked ATM machines.

Malicious devices known as “skimmers” are fake covers that can be attached to any card reader, from ATMs to gas pumps. They allow criminals to capture your card information and PIN. Protect yourself by inspecting keypads and card readers to see if there are any easily removable covers, as shown below.

Exercise caution online.

Don’t use public WiFi access for financial transactions. If you make an online purchase, make sure you are on a secure network.

We are always here to help.

Review your statements or online account history regularly for unauthorized transactions via Online Banking or BSSB Mobile. If you travel, notify us so your account can be properly flagged. Our team is always here to help. To get in touch, just call or contact us online!