With Bay State Online® you can do your banking from just about anywhere that has a computer and/or mobile device with an Internet connection to access a secure browser. Go online anytime, anywhere and view your account balances and transactions, transfer funds between accounts, pay your bills and much more.

Bay State Online utilizes multifactor authentication (MFA) technology to verify a user’s identity every time a user accesses their online banking profile. The security technology verifies the person through a knowledge-based challenge and a risk-based challenge. The system will calculate on several parameters, such as the time of day, location, device, IP address, etc., to establish a “risk score.” If this score is below the acceptable safety threshold, the user will be prompted to answer additional security questions.

To enroll in eStatements please follow the steps below.
1. Click on either your checking or savings account
2. Click on eStatements on the right-hand side of the page
3. Account eStatement Enrollment Details Screen page opens
4. Click the Next button, found in the lower-right hand corner
5. After clicking Next, the User is presented with the Terms and Condition Screen
6. User must scroll to the end of the PDF to get a PDF Acknowledgement Code, found at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions document
7. Enter and submit the PDF Acknowledgement Code in the field found in the lower left-hand corner
8. Click Submit
9. Click Accept

For a video tutorial on other features we offer in Online Banking, click here!

Bill Pay is convenient.  It saves time and money.  Make a one-time payment, schedule recurring payments, schedule a future one-time payment, make a payment to your favorite charity, schedule multiple payments at one time, or send money to a relative or a friend. Bill Pay makes it easy to pay just about anyone online. Schedule your payments to arrive on time and they are guaranteed to arrive on time. You can also send same-day payments by using the Expedited Payment option. You control when your payments are made.

For a tutorial on Bill Pay, watch the video below:


For a video tutorial on other features we offer in Online Banking, click here!

Another FREE* service with Bay State Online Banking – Manage My Money allows you to track your spending, by categories like groceries, auto expenses, gas, and create your own categories. You can set up a budget (by category if you like) and see how you are doing with your budget vs. actual expenses. Create charts to get a picture of how you are doing.

Manage My Money provides you with the ability to aggregate all of your accounts in one location, including: insurance policies, investments, credit cards and bank accounts from other financial institutions. You have the ability to determine your net worth by entering all of your assets and liabilities. Manage My Money helps you to manage your spending or capture your accounts in one place – to track how you are spending your money, and/or, see your total financial picture.

Please review our Online Banking Resources and then check out this demo video to see what’s new in Online Banking!

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