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At Bay State Savings Bank, online banking is about banking at your convenience. You control where, when and how you want to bank. You can:

  • view your balances and make transfers 24/7
  • set up the service with your individual preferences; login credentials, landing page, etc.
  • change your password or email address online
  • adjust the timeout setting to suit your situation

Enjoy convenience and flexibility at your fingertips - PLUS the tools to manage your money, and the knowledge that your financial data is safe and secure.

Bay State Online utilizes multifactor authentication (MFA) technology to verify a user’s identity every time a user accesses their online banking account. The security technology verifies the person through a knowledge-based challenge and a possession-based challenge. The knowledge-based challenge is the user’s password; the possession-based challenge is the user’s registered phone. To further safeguard our online banking users’ accounts, all devices used to access an online banking account must be registered, or a one-time passcode is sent to the user via a registered phone (either by voice or SMS).

Bill Pay
Bill Pay is convenient; it saves time and money. Make a one-time payment; schedule recurring payments, schedule a future one-time payment; make a payment to your favorite charity, schedule multiple payments at one time, or send money to a relative or a friend. Bill Pay makes it easy to pay just about anyone online. Schedule your payments to arrive on time and they are guaranteed to arrive on time. You control when your payments are made.

You have the choice of receiving eStatements in lieu of paper statements. Talk about convenience! You will receive eStatements up to 5 days sooner than paper statements sent via regular mail. You will also have up to 16 months of archived statement history available at your fingertips. Your eStatements are secure because you can only access them through your online banking account.               

Now offered FREE with Bay State Online Banking, FinanceWorks® allows you to aggregate all of your accounts in one location, including: insurance policies, investments, credit cards and bank accounts from other financial institutions. Bill payments from online banking are automatically updated. Include your assets like your home and/or car and your liabilities, like payments due on loans. Determine your net worth. Set a budget and track your spending. Create charts to get a picture of how you are doing. Whatever way you would like to manage your spending or capture your accounts in one place, you can do it with FinanceWorks.®

Business Banking Online
NEW! Business Banking Online is now available for our business customers. These services help businesses to manage their finances more efficiently with controls that help them do it securely. Business Banking Online helps customers save time and money. Bill Pay ties payments to invoices, and business can set up proactive alerts for transaction events, balance alerts and other customized notifications. Businesses can manage their risks more effectively with account reconciliation. 

Click here Business Banking Online Disclosure to apply for Business Banking Online. You will access the Disclosure and the Business Banking Online Registration form.

Click the following links for Business Banking Online Password Features and Services and Business Banking Bill Pay Tips.

Cash Management and ACH services are available, as well. Contact your loan or account officer for more details.