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Bay State Savings Bank Purchases Camera for UMass Memorial NICU

January 1, 2014

Providing a 24/7 “NICView” for parents of sick infants in the UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Clinic

WORCESTER, MA – The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at UMass Memorial Campus is where newborn infants stay if they are too ill to go home after birth. There are 49 beds and parents can visit whenever they want. However, work commitments and family obligations can make it difficult to visit on a full time basis, which is how the NICView Webcam Project started.

The goal of the NICView Project is to have video cameras present at each bed in the unit to allow for families to view their infants when they cannot be physically available at the bedside. Prior to the onset of this project, the NICU shared 6 cameras that moved on IV poles from bed to bed for periodic viewing by families. At the invitation of the Worcester Rotary Club, Bay State Savings Bank responded to this need with fundraising efforts and a check for $1,200 – the cost of one video camera.

“Our customers, Corporators, Trustees and employees were so responsive when we asked,” said Diane Giampa, SVP/Human Resources & Marketing. “I think anyone who is a parent can relate to how awful it would be to have to spend even one minute away from your newborn, never mind 23 days, which is the average length of stay in the NICU. It took us less time than that to raise the money!”

“It’s a very emotional time for new parents,” said NICView Project Team Leader, Dr. Alan Picarillo. “Webcams can help to ease the separation and assist with critical family bonding. We are extremely grateful to Bay State Savings Bank for their generous donation and to the Rotary Club of Worcester for coordinating the fundraising effort. Now, we are that much closer to our goal!”

To learn more about the NICView Project, please contact: Rotary Club of Worcester, P.O. Box 3413, Worcester, MA 01613.

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